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10/17/19 - Thanks again to everyone that helped with our most recent VHF/UHF HEALTHNET.  Participation was a bit sparse, but our ARES members were the most numerous!!

10/15/19 - Congratulations to Angela-KEØWZY, Jerry-KEØWZZ, Steve-KEØYAA, Arthur-KEØYAB, Kendall-KEØYAC and Brian-KEØYAD as our most recent group of TECHNICIANS

9/12/19 - Congratulations to Earl-KEØWUF passing his TECHNICIAN exam.  Please also welcome Don-KEØQQY as a member of our group.  He has helped several years as SAG on the MS RIDE but only recently joined as a HAM.

9/7-8/19 - Thanks to everyone who assisted with the OZARKS BIKE MS!  A little warm, but no rain and a lot of FUN!

7/11/19 - Congratulations Marvin-KEØWDE on upgrading to GENERAL.

6/15/19 - Several ARES participated in the statewide SEMA New Madrid exercise HF and UHF/VHF.  Thanks to all who helped!

5/9/19 - Congratulations Don-WØDRG on upgrading to GENERAL!  Shane-KEØVQQ also became a new TECH.


3/14/19 - Thank you James-KBØNHX for a very informative session on DMR!

2/14/19 - Congratulations Richard-KEØUQL on your new TECH license.  Welcome to the air waves!

11/8 - Please be sure and welcome KEØQQZ, KEØQVP, & NØCAL as the newest members of our group.  Looking forward to getting to know Gene, Linda, & Mark as we work together on future events.  We also received several handouts on the use of ICS-213's and will incorporate this in future practice sessions as we get them set up.  Also working on a Simplex net, TBD.

10/25 - Thanks to everyone for their time with the UHF/VHF Quarterly Health NETS.  The NØNWS system seemed to have quite a bit of static today.

10/7 - Thanks to everyone for their help with the TOUR de BASS.  Sunday afternoon thunder and lightening became a bit of a challenge.

9/29 - Thanks to everyone for our premier HT event, the Pregnancy Care Center WALK along Bradford Parkway.  Weather was GREAT, which is unusual for this event.  A week earlier than usual was a good choice!

9/20/18 - Thanks for everyone's participation on the latest  Health NET!  Greene County continues to have the largest share of check-ins!  Our next UHF-VHF Net will be in October.  Thanks for your continued support!

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